The efficacy of Back School on chronic low back pain of workers of a pharmaceutical company in a Tehran Suburb. COPCORD stage II study

Authers: Bahar SADEGHI-ABDOLLAHI, Anita ESHAGHI, Siavash Nejad HOSSEINI, Mojgan GHAHREMANI and Fereydoun DAVATCHI

Abstract: Low back pain (LBP) is the second most frequent reason for seeking medical advice. Various treatments are proposed from no intervention, to analgesics, rest, exercises, local interventions and surgical procedures. Results and outcomes are differently reported. Back School (BS), a combination of patient education and physical exercises, seems to have good results. The aim of this study was to check the effect of BS in factory workers. Patients and Methods: All (70) workers were interviewed ... سال انتشار: 2012

The Effects of Isolated Hip Abductor and External Rotator Muscle Strengthening on Pain, Health Status, and Hip Strength in Females With Patellofemoral Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial


Abstract: TTSTUDY DESIGN: Randomized controlled trial. TTOBJECTIVES: To examine the effectiveness of isolated hip abductor and external rotator strengthening on pain, health status, and hip strength in females with patellofemoral pain (PFP). TTBACKGROUND: Altered hip kinematics resulting from hip muscle weakness has been proposed as a contributing factor in the development of PFP. To date, no study has examined clinical outcomes associated with isolated hip muscle strengthening in those with PFP. TTMETHODS: Twenty-eight females with ... سال انتشار: 2012

Randomized double blind trial of prednisolone and azathioprine, vs. prednisolone and placebo, in the treatment of pemphigus vulgaris

Authers: C. Chams-Davatchi, †, * A. Mortazavizadeh, † M. Daneshpazhooh, † F. Davatchi, ‡ K. Balighi, † N. Esmaili, † M. Akhyani, † Z. Hallaji, † H. seirafi, † H. Mortazavi†

Abstract: The classic treatment for pemphigus vulgaris is prednisolone. Immunosuppressive drugs can be used in association. Objective To compare the efficacy of Azathioprine in reducing the Disease Activity Index (DAI). Patients and methods A double blind randomized controlled study was conducted on 56 new patients, assigned to two therapeutic groups: (i) prednisolone plus placebo; (ii) prednisolone plus Azathioprine. Patients were checked regularly for 1 year. ‘Complete remission’ was defined as healing of all lesions after 12 ... سال انتشار: 2012

Quality-of-Life Measurement in Blistering Diseases

Authers: Deshan F. Sebaratnam, MBBS (Hons)a, b, 1, John W. Frew, MBBS (Hons), MMed (Clin Epi)a, b, 1, Fereydoun Davatchi, MDc, Dédée F. Murrell, MA, BMBCh, FAAD, MD, FACDd, *

Abstract: Quality of life (QOL) has been defined as “the individual’s perception of their position in life, in the context of the cultural and value systems in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns.”1 It is an abstract multidimensional construct reflecting the physical, psychological, and social aspects of an individual’s condition complementing the concept of health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”2 ... سال انتشار: 2012

Presentation of psoriatic arthritis in the literature: a twenty-year bibliometric evaluation

Authers: Ahmad-Reza Jamshidi • Farhad Gharibdoost • Abdolhadi Nadji • Mohammadali Nikou • Gholamreza Habibi • Amirhossein Mardani • Marjan Ghaemi

Abstract: Psoriatic arthritis is an inflammatory arthritis disabling patients with psoriasis. Bibliometric studies are tools for evaluating scientific productions in different countries, universities as well as publications related to a special topic. We aimed to perform a scientometric study to evaluate articles published under ‘‘Psoriatic arthritis’’ topic and also attempted to compare publications of different authors, countries, universities, and journals related to this topic. Study was performed on all articles published between 1989 and 2009. The ISI web of science ... سال انتشار: 2012

Performance of the 2010 rheumatoid arthritis classification criteria

Authers: Fereydoun DAVATCHI, 1 Iraj SALEHI ABARI, 1 Soosan SOROOSH, 2 Mohsen SOROOSH2 and Bahar SADEGHI ABDOLLAHI1

Abstract: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) needs early treatment to improve clinical outcome by reducing joint damage, radiographic progression and disability. The aim of this study was to evaluate the 2010 Rheumatoid Arthritis Classification Criteria for its ability to classify RA patients, in their early stages, not exceeding 12 months of disease progression. Methods: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients were selected from August to December 2010, among those coming for their follow-up. The inclusion criteria were patients with not ... سال انتشار: 2012

Pathological and Immunological Developments in Behcet’s Disease

Authers: Hindawi Publishing Corporation Pathology Research International Volume 2012, Article ID 305780, 2 pages doi:10.1155/2012/305780

Abstract: Behcet’s disease is a rare form of vasculitis that may have systemic multiorgan involvement. Behcet’s disease was first defined by Hulusi Behcet, a Turkish Professor of Dermatology, in 1937 as a triad of recurrent aphthous stomatitis, genital aphthae, and relapsing uveitis. As this disease can be fatal, an immediate medical treatment is mandatory. So far there is no specific pathological testing or technique available for the diagnosis of the disease, although the International Study Group criteria for the disease ... سال انتشار: 2012

Multiple Imputation to Deal with Missing Clinical Data in Rheumatologic Surveys: an Application in the WHO-ILAR COPCORD Study in Iran

Authers: M Mirmohammadkhani1, A Rahimi Foroushani1, F Davatchi2, 3, K Mohammad1, A Jamshidi2, 3, A Tehrani Banihashemi1, 3, *K Holakouie Naieni 1,

Abstract: The aim of the article is demonstrating an application of multiple imputation (MI) for handling missing clinical data in the setting of rheumatologic surveys using data derived from 10291 people participating in the first phase of the Community Oriented Program for Control of Rheumatic Disorders (COPCORD) in Iran. Methods: Five data subsets were produced from the original data set. Certain demographics were selected as complete variables. In each subset, we created a univariate pattern ... سال انتشار: 2012

Random Forests Analysis: A modern statistical method for screening in high-dimensional studies and its application in a population-based genetic association study

Authers: Sahar Noori1, Keramat Nourijelyani 2*, Kazem Mohammad3, Mohammad Hossein Niknam4, Mahdi Mahmoudi5, Laris Andonian6, and Arash Akaberi7

Abstract: Technology advances in this century, especially, in molecular generics yields high volume, high dimensional data. This creates many unprecedented challenges for statisticians who are responsible for analysis of such data. Although logistic regression method is quite popular in association analysis in medical researches but it has some serious limitations in handling high dimensional data. In present study, our goal is introduce a modern model-free statistical method called random forest that we believe is able to overcome difficulties ... سال انتشار: 2012

Fc-Gamma Receptor 3B Copy Number Variation Is Not a Risk Factor for Behc¸et’sDisease

Authers: Rachel Black, 1 Sue Lester, 1 Emma Dunstan, 1 Farhad Shahram, 2 Abdolhadi Nadji, 2 Noushin Bayat, 2, 3 Kayvan Saeedfar, 2, 4 Naghmeh Ziaei, 2 Catherine Hill, 1, 5 Maureen Rischmueller, 1, 5 and Fereydoun Davatchi2

Abstract: Behc¸et’s disease (BD) is an immune-mediated systemic vasculitis associated with HLAB51. Other gene associations are likely and may provide further insight into the pathogenesis of this disease. Fc-gamma receptors play an important role in regulating immune function. Copy number variation (CNV) of the Fc-gamma receptor 3B (FCGR3B) gene is associated with other inflammatory conditions and may also play a role in BD. The aim of this study was to determine whether CNV of ... سال انتشار: 2012

Katayoon Bidad • Sasan Fallahi • Mahdi Mahmoudi • Ahmadreza Jamshidi • Elham Farhadi • Alipasha Meysamie • Mohammad Hossein Nicknam

Authers: Katayoon Bidad • Sasan Fallahi • Mahdi Mahmoudi • Ahmadreza Jamshidi • Elham Farhadi • Alipasha Meysamie • Mohammad Hossein Nicknam

Abstract: The Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index (BASDAI) and the Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Functional Index (BASFI) are widely used instruments in assessment of patients suffering from ankylosing spondylitis (AS). The Patient Acceptable Symptom State (PASS) is regarded as a target for patients’ well-being. The aim of this study was to translate and adapt BASDAI, BASFI and PASS into the Iranian official language, Farsi, and evaluate their reliability and validity. Ninety patients with AS were included in this study. The ... سال انتشار: 2012

Evaluation of apoptosis-related gene Fas (CD95) and FasL (CD178) polymorphisms in Iranian rheumatoid arthritis patients

Authers: Adel Mohammadzadeh • Ali Akbar Pourfathollah • Mohammad Taher Tahoori • Saeed Daneshmandi • Ladan Langroudi • Masoumeh Akhlaghi

Abstract: Apoptosis signals are essential for establishing homeostasis and adequate immune response. Dysregulation of apoptosis-related genes in the immune system, which could be due to gene polymorphisms, conduct to autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis. In the current study, the apoptosis-related gene Fas_-670A[G, FasL_ 844C[T, and FasLIVS2nt_124A[G polymorphisms were genotyped in 120 Iranian patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and 112 unrelated healthy controls using PCR–RFLP method. Among the 120 RA patients being heterozygous in the promoter region of Fas_-670A/G (OR 1.42,CI 0.92- 1.52, ... سال انتشار: 2012

Association between Endoplasmic Reticulum Aminopeptidase-1 (ERAP-1) and Susceptibility to Ankylosing Spondylitis in Iran

Authers: Mahdi Mahmoudi1, 2, 3, Ahmad Reza Jamshidi2, Ali Akbar Amirzargar1, 3, Elham Farhadi1, Keramat Nourijelyani4, Sasan Fallahi2, 5, Mona Oraei3, Sahar Noori4, and Mohammad Hossein Nicknam1, 3

Abstract: Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) is an inflammatory arthritis, which affects mainly spine and sacroiliac joints. According to recent studies, ERAP1 is the second most common candidate gene for AS susceptibility after HLA-B27. The aim of this study was to determine the association of ERAP1 gene polymorphisms with AS in Iranian population. The study group comprised 387 Iranian AS patients and 316 healthy controls from Iran. Using Real Time PCR allelic discrimination method, we genotyped four SNPs ... سال انتشار: 2012

Effects of IMOD™ and Angipars™ on mouse D-galactose-induced model of aging

Authers: Samane Ghanbari1†, Mahsa Yonessi1†, Azadeh Mohammadirad2†, Mahdi Gholami2, Maryam Baeeri2, Hamid Reza Khorram-Khorshid3, Farhad Gharibdoost4 and Mohammad Abdollahi2*

Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of two registered herbal drugs called IMOD and Angipars on mouse model. Aging was induced by D-galactose (500 mg/kg) administered to animals for 6 weeks through drinking water. Male BALB/c mice were randomly divided into 5 groups receiving D-galactose (D-galactose, 500 mg/kg) for 6 weeks; positive control (D-galactose [500 mg/kg] for 6 weeks + Vitamin E [200 mg/kg/day] intraperitoneally for 4 weeks); IMOD (D-galactose ... سال انتشار: 2012

Early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis: an introduction to the newly designed Iran Criteria for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Authers: Iraj Salehi · Shabnam Khazaeli · Mohammad Khak

Abstract: More than 14 years of clinical practice in rheumatology led the author to discover the prognostic role of anti-citrullinated protein antibody (ACPA) as well as the erosions found by MRI, in detecting the RA patients resulting in establishing a new set of criteria by revising the 1987 ACR classiWcation—Iran Criteria for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Medical records of 243 patients at the outpatient Rheumatology Clinic of the author (private sector) were reviewed for the data on the criteria of the ... سال انتشار: 2012

Diagnosis/Classification Criteria for Behcet’s Disease

Authers: Fereydoun Davatchi

Abstract: Historical Background. The ISG criteria for Behcet’s, created in 1990, have excellent specificity, but lack sensitivity. The International Criteria for Behcet’s Disease (ICBD) was created in 2006, as replacement to ISG. The aim of this study was to compare their performance. ISG and ICBD Criteria. For ISG oral aphthosis is mandatory. The presence of any two of the following (genital aphthosis, skin lesions, eye lesions, and positive pathergy test) will diagnose/classify the patient ... سال انتشار: 2012

Clinical Manifestations of the Female Athlete Triad among Some Iranian Athletes


Abstract: MOVASEGHI, S., H. DADGOSTAR, S. DAHAGHIN, N. CHIMEH, T. ALENABI, E. DADGOSTAR, and F. DAVATCHI. Clinical Manifestations of the Female Athlete Triad among Some Iranian Athletes. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 44, No. 5, pp. 958–965, 2012. Purpose: The study’s purpose was to evaluate clinical manifestations of the female athlete triad among some elite Iranian athletes. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in three phases: 1) screening for menstrual irregularity (oligomenorrhea/amenorrhea) and/or stress fracture ... سال انتشار: 2012

Causes of Blindness in Ocular Behçet’s Disease Comparing the End-Blinding Results in Two Genders

Authers: Hormoz Chams, MD1 • Hassan Behboudi, MD2 • Fariba Ghassemi, MD3 Fereydoun Davatchi, MD4 • Farhad Shahram, MD4 • Sheyda Chams-Davatchi, MD5

Abstract: To investigate and compare the causes of blindness in ocular Behçet’s disease (BD) in men and women Methods: In a retrospective, descriptive investigation from 1976 to 2008, 6,021 BD cases were registered in our BD Unit of Shariati Hospital of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS). At the last visit, 187 patients (124 men and 63 women) were blind (vision=1/10 or less) at least in one eye and with at least ... سال انتشار: 2012

Behcet’s disease: is there a gender influence on clinical manifestations?

Authers: Fereydoun DAVATCHI, Farhad SHAHRAM, Cheyda CHAMS-DAVATCHI, Bahar SADEGHI ABDOLLAHI, Hormoz SHAMS, Abdolhadi NADJI, Tahereh FAEZI, Massoomeh AKHLAGHI, Zahra GHODSI, Roghieh LARIMI and Farima ASHOFTEH

Abstract: In Behcet’s disease (BD), it is customary to believe that men are more affected than women, major organs are more involved in men, and they have worse outcomes. The male-to-female ratio is reported from 5.37 to 1 (Egypt), to 0.38 to 1 (US). If in the majority of reports BD was seen more frequently in men, in some others it was more frequent in women. The aim of this study was to examine ... سال انتشار: 2012

Association Study of IL10 and IL23R–IL12RB2 in Iranian Patients With Behc¸et’s Disease

Authers: Joana M. Xavier, 1 Farhad Shahram, 2 Fereydoun Davatchi, 2 Alexandra Rosa, 3 Jorge Crespo, 4 Bahar Sadeghi Abdollahi, 2 Abdolhadi Nadji, 2 Gorete Jesus, 5 Filipe Barcelos, 6 Jose´ Vaz Patto, 6 Niloofar Mojarad Shafiee, 2 Fahmida Ghaderibarim, 2 and Sofia A. Oliveira1

Abstract: Independent replication of the findings from genome-wide association studies (GWAS) remains the gold standard for results validation. Our aim was to test the association of Behc¸et’s disease (BD) with the interleukin-10 gene (IL10) and the IL-23 receptor–IL-12 receptor 2 (IL23R–IL12RB2) locus, each of which has been previously identified as a risk factor for BD in 2 different GWAS. Methods. Six haplotype-tagging single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in IL10 and 42 in IL23R–IL12RB2 were genotyped in 973 Iranian patients with BD and 637 non-BD ... سال انتشار: 2012

Urolithiasis in ankylosing spondylitis: Correlation with Bath ankylosing spondylitis disease activity index (BASDAI), Bath ankylosing spondylitis functional index (BASFI) and Bath ankylosing spondylitis metrology index (BASMI)

Authers: Sasan Fallahi (MD) *1, 2 Ahmad Reza Jamshidi (MD) 2 Farhad Gharibdoost (MD) 2 Mahdi Mahmoudi (PhD) 2 Pedram Paragomi (MD) 2 Mohammad Hossein Nicknam (MD, PhD) 3 Elham Farhadi (MSc) 3 Mostafa Qorbani (PhD) 4

Abstract: Increased incidence of renal stone has been reported in ankylosing spondylitis (AS), but unlike some well-known renal involvements, they have not been fully studied. The aim of this study was to investigate the association of AS with urolithiasis and also the relation between urinary stone and severity markers. Methods: One hundred-sixty three AS patients were included in a cross-sectional study from Iranian AS association, Iran Rheumatology Center and Rheumatology Clinic of ... سال انتشار: 2012

Analysis of Vitamin D Levels in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Its Relation with the Disease Status

Authers: Kavoosi H1, Kamali K2, Gharibdoost F1

Abstract: Vitamin D is an important factor for calcium hemostasis, and it is responsible for immune system regulation and lowering the risk of inflammatory disease. The aim of this descriptive study was to evaluate the vitamin D level in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and analyze its possible relation with the severity or the disease. Materials and Methods: This cross sectional study was performed on 135 patients who met the criteria for rheumatoid arthritis. Data on ... سال انتشار: 2012

TNF-alpha single nucleotide polymorphisms in atopic dermatitis

Authers: Nasrin Behniafard, Mohammad Gharagozlou1, Elham Farhadi2, 3, Mojdeh Khaledi4, Soheila Sotoudeh1, Behzad Darabi1, Seid Mohammad Fathi1, Zahra Gholizadeh Moghaddam1, Mahdi Mahmoudi5, Asghar Aghamohammadi1, 6, Ali Akbar Amirzargar2, Nima Rezaei1, 2, 6

Abstract: Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-) could be considered as potential biomarkers in atopic dermatitis (AD), while its level could be influenced by cytokine single gene polymorphisms (SNP). This study was performed in 89 pediatric patients with AD and 137 controls to assess polymorphisms of the TNF- gene at positions -308 and -238, using the polymerase chain reaction and the sequence-specific primers method. The highest positive allelic association that made the patients susceptible to AD was ... سال انتشار: 2012