Assessment of Serum Thrombomodulin in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in Rheumatology Research Center

Authers: Mahmood Akbarian, Farhad Gharibdoost, Mehrzad Hadjaliloo, Abdolhadi Nadji, Ahmad Reza Jamshidi, Farhad Shahram, Masoomeh Akhlaghi, Shahrzad Khosravi, Simin Almasi, Fereydoun Davatchi

Abstract: At present, some clinical presentations and serological parameters such as products of complement activation and elevation of autoantibodies (e.g. dsDNA antibodies), erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), or cytokines such as IL-2/IL-2 receptor, IL-6 and IL-10 are used as indirect serological markers with variable degrees of significance. To date, no specific serological parameter is available to assess disease activity in SLE. Soluble serum thrombomodulin is a new marker of endothelial cell injury ... سال انتشار: 2009

WHO-ILAR COPCORD Study (Stage 1, Urban Study) in Iran


Abstract: To find the prevalence of musculoskeletal complaints and rheumatic disorders in Iran. Methods. Tehran, with one-ninth of the population of Iran and of mixed ethnic origins, was selected as the field. Subjects were randomly selected from the 22 districts. Interviews were conducted once a week, on the weekend. The 3 phases of stage 1 were done on the same day, in parallel, like the fast-track Community Oriented Program for Control of Rheumatic Diseases (COPCORD). Results. ... سال انتشار: 2008

The protein–creatinine ratio in spot morning urine samples and 24-h urinary protein excretion in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Authers: Mansour Salesi, Mansoor Karimifar, Ziba Farajzadegan, Kamal Esalatmanesh, Shahrzad Khosravi, Parvin Fallahi, Mahmood Akbarian

Abstract: A 24-h urinary protein is a standard way to diagnose lupus nephritis. Assessment of protein–creatinine (Pr–Cr) ratio in morning spot urine is a valuable method in diabetic patients but not use in systemic lupus erythematous (SLE) patients routinely. In this study Pr–Cr ratio in spot urine was compare with 24-h urine protein; if they have valuable correlation we can use this test instead of 24- h urinary protein. The aim of this study was to evaluate the correlation ... سال انتشار: 2008


Authers: A. A. Behfar, , N. Sadeghi, , M. R. Oveisi, , B. Jannat*, M. Hajimahmoodi, , A. R. Jamshidi, M. Behzad, P. Rastegary

Abstract: Osteoporosis is a metabolic disease characterized by reduction in bone density and susceptibility to deformity and fracture. Some studies show that osteoblasts can create inter-cellular free radicals that lead to cellular death. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) plays an essential role in cell defense against reactive oxygen metabolites. The purpose of this study was to measure the plasma SOD activities in Iranian women with osteoporosis compared to the control group. SOD activity was measured spectrophotometrically at 540 ... سال انتشار: 2008

بررسی ارتباط بین سطح سرمی سلنیوم با بیماری بهجت

مولف: کمال اصالت منش،احمدرضا جمشیدی،فرهاد شهرام،فریدون دواچی،زهرا سلیمانی،شهره موحدی

خلاصه: سابقه و هدف : سلنیوم همانند سایر عناصر کمیاب و آنزی مهای آنتیاکسیدان به عنوان یک عامل تعدیلکننده ایمنی و آنتیاکسیدان مطرح شده است. اخیرا کمبود سلنیوم در بیماری بهجت مورد بحث واقع شده است . به همین منظور مطالعه فوق با هدف بررسی ارتباط بین سطح سلنیوم با بیماری بهجت انجام شد. مواد و روش ها: مطالعهی حاضر از نوع مورد شاهدی است که در گروه مورد 46 فرد مبتلا به ... سال انتشار: 2008

Risk factors of knee osteoarthritis, WHO-ILAR-COPCORD study

Authers: Dahaghin S.*, Tehrani- Banihashemi SA, Frouzanfar MH, Barghamdi M, Norollahzadeh E., Gholami J., Faezi, ST., Davatchi F.

Abstract: Background: To evaluate the association between age, sex, BMI, waist/hip ratio, smoking, religion, ethnicity, education and knee osteoarthritis. Methods: Eligible subjects were randomly included from participants of Tehran COPCORD study, of whom 480 subjects with knee osteoarthritis were compared to 490 subjects without (case-control study). Using a questionnaire developed by COPCORD group (Asia & Oceania), we enquired about the risk factors of knee osteoarthritis i.e. age, sex, BMI, Waist/Hip ratio, religion, ethnicity, education and smoking. Knee osteoarthritis ... سال انتشار: 2009

Serum prolactin level and systemic lupus erythematosus activity: a cross sectional study

Authers: Sabzikarian M A, Movaseghi Sh, Karimian K., Najafi Zade S R, Rostamian A R, Khalvat A.

Abstract: Background: To evaluate the possibility that prolactin is involved in the pathogenesis and flare-up of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Methods: In this cross-sectional study we determined serum prolactin levels in sixty (60) serum samples from sixty patients diagnosed with SLE by the criteria of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR). All patients were females between 13-64 years of age. Disease activity was defined according to lupus activity criteria count and scored by Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease ... سال انتشار: 2008

The Prevalence of Oral Aphthosis in a Normal Population in Iran: A WHO-ILAR COPCORD Study

Authers: Fereydoun Davatchi MD•*, ،Arash Tehrani-Banihashemi MD*, ،Ahmad-Reza Jamshidi MD*, ،Cheyda Chams-Davatchi MD*, ،Jaleh Gholami MD*, ،Maziar Moradi MD*, ،Massoomeh Akhlaghi MD*, ،Mohammad Hossein Forouzanfar MD*, ،Elham Noorolahzadeh،Mojgan Barghamdi،Farideh Samadi،Mehrzad Hadj-Aliloo MD،Koorosh Ghaznavi MD

Abstract: This study was conducted to determine the prevalence of oral aphthosis in a normal population in Iran, using the data of the WHO-ILAR COPCORD study in Iran. We conducted this study in Tehran, the capital of Iran which was selected as the COPCORD study field. In 22 districts of Tehran, 50 clusters were randomly selected. Of the selected houses, 4,096 households were visited and 10,291 persons were interviewed (response rate of 75%). Out of ... سال انتشار: 2008


Authers: Movasat, Atusa, Shahram, Farhad, Nadji, Abdolhadi, Akhlaghi, Maassoomeh, Naderi, Nassim, Davatchi, Fereydoun

Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To find the characteristics and prevalence of nailfold capillary changes in a large series of patients with BD, and to analyze their possible relation to other clinical characteristics of the disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We performed nailfold capillaroscopy in 128 randomly selected patients fulfilling International Classification criteria for BD. Capillaroscopy was done in 8 fingers with a 3.2x microscopy. All patients were questioned for the history of Raynaud phenomenon, ischemic ulcers, smoking and hypertension. ... سال انتشار: 2008

HLA DR4 subtype relationship with rheumatoid arthritis: a study on Iranian patients

Authers: Jamshidi A R., Tehrani Banihashemi S A., Salari A H., Taghipour R.

Abstract: Background: There are several evidences that genetic factors besides environmental triggers have important role in initiating the rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The aim of this study was to investigate the association of rheumatoid arthritis with different subtypes of HLA DR4 in Iranian patients. Methods: In an un-matched case control study, 110 rheumatoid arthritis patients (case) and 56 knee osteoarthritis patients (control) of outpatient clinic in Shariati Hospital were entered to the study. After blood sampling from case ... سال انتشار: 2009


Authers: F. Davatchi*, , F. Shahram, , A. Nadji, , S. Soroosh, , A. R. Jamshidi, , C. Chams, , H. Chams, , M Akbarian, , F. Gharibdoost, , M. Akhlaghi, , B. Sadeghi Abdollahi, N. Ziaie

Abstract: There is some data in the literature on the association of HLA-B5 and some manifestations of Behçet’s disease (BD), especially ocular lesions. We studied 433 patients to see if there was any relationship between B51 and the manifestations of the disease. Clinical manifestations of BD were compared in patients having HLA-B51 (155 patients) and those lacking HLA-B51 (278 patients). Oral aphthosis, genital aphthosis, skin manifestations, joint manifestations, gastrointestinal manifestations, phlebitis and neurological manifestations showed no ... سال انتشار: 2008

Determination of HLA-B27 Subtypes in Iranian Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis

Authers: Mohamad Hossein Nicknam1, , Mahdi Mahmoudi, , Ali Akbar Amirzargar, , Mazdak Ganjalikhani Hakemi, , Farideh Khosravi, , Ahmad Reza Jamshidi, , Aref Amirkhani, , Bita Ansaripour, , Zahra Pourpak, , Mostafa Moin, , Behrooz Nikbin

Abstract: The human leukocyte antigen-B27 is one of the class I molecules of the major histocompatibility complex which is strongly associated with ankylosing spondylitis (AS). The strength of the disease association with B27 varies markedly among racial and ethnic populations. It is an allele family, which constitutes about 31 subtypes, with a considerable geographic and ethnic difference in distribution. It is important to know whether certain subtypes show any preferential association with AS. Because there is ... سال انتشار: 2008

Correlation of systemic lupus erythematosus disease activity with classical complement (CH50) function and related protein levels

Authers: Bamdad Mehrbany K*, Akbarian M2, Salesi M, Geflati Z, Tavassoli S

Abstract: Background: The components of the classical complement pathway play an important role in the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and are reportedly useful biomarkers of disease activity. In this study, we evaluate disease activity, complement function (total hemolytic complement, CH50) and complement protein levels (C3, C4, C3d, C4d, SC5b-9), comparing the results of patients with active disease versus those with inactive disease. Methods: This cross-sectional study included 78 hospitalized women with SLE, 24 of whom were ... سال انتشار: 2008

Early Spondyloarthritis in an HLA-B27-positive Monozygotic Twin Pair: A Highly Concordant Onset, Sites of Involvement, and Disease Course


Abstract: Susceptibility to ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and the related spondyloarthropathies (SpA) is determined by a strong polygenetic predisposition interacting with as-yet unknown environmental factors. HLA-B27 is one of the major disease susceptibility genes, and studies of HLA-B27-positive twins have shown a concordance rate of 63% among monozygotic versus 24% in dizygotic twin pairs1-5. Making an early diagnosis of AS and related SpA is often challenging, and there are no validated diagnostic criteria6-10. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the ... سال انتشار: 2008

Prevalence of Celiac Disease Among Patients with Behcet’s Disease in Iran

Authers: Farhad Zamani, Farhad Shahram, Ramin Shakeri, Habib Zayyeni, Fereydoun Davatchi, Afsaneh Amiri, Reza Malekzadeh

Abstract: Background Behcet’s disease and Celiac disease, both common in Iran, share many immunopathogenic and clinical features. Based on the possible association between these two diseases, this study is designed to determine the frequency of non-diagnosed celiac disease in patients with Behcet’s disease. Methods The sera of 288 consecutive patients with Behcet’s disease were screened with anti-endomysial antibody and anti-tissue transglutaminase antibody for celiac disease. Those with a positive test underwent upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and duodenal biopsies to confirm the diagnosis ... سال انتشار: 2008

A Randomized Study of Back School in Women With Chronic Low Back Pain Quality of Life at Three, Six, and Twelve Months Follow-up

Authers: Sedigheh Sadar Tavafian, PhD, Ahmad Reza Jamshidi, MD, and Ali Montazeri, PhD

Abstract: Study Design. A randomized controlled trial. Objective. To examine the effects of the back school program on quality of life in women with chronic low back pain. Summary of Background Data. There is a controversial debate whether back school program might improve quality of life in back pain patients. This study aimed to address this issue. Methods. One hundred and two eligible women were randomly allocated into 2 groups. The 2 groups including back school group who received the back ... سال انتشار: 2008

Vitamin E plasma concentration in osteoporotic patients

Authers: Hajimahmoodi M1،Sadeghi N1،Hadjibabaie M2،Jannat B3،Jamshidi AR،Mirabzadeh M

Abstract: Background: The cause of osteoporosis is multifactorial and many dietary factors are important in the prevention of this disease. Antioxidants as free radical scavengers may influence osteoporosis by reducing the effects of oxidative stress that may be associated with bone loss. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that protects polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in cell membranes from oxidation. There are only two studies regarding vitamin E plasma levels in subjects suffering from osteoporosis. The purpose ... سال انتشار: 2007

Triglyceride and high-density lipoprotein levels as the markers of disease activity and their association with TNF-α and TNF receptor system in systemic lupus erythematosus


Abstract: Objective: There are some clues that measurement of triglyceride (TG) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and their correlation with tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), soluble TNF-α receptor type 1 and type 2 (sTNFR1, sTNFR2) in serum could be valuable in the assessment of disease activity of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients. Methods: In this cross-sectional study, fasting blood samples were obtained from 86 SLE patients referred to the Rheumatology Research Center of Tehran University in Shariati ... سال انتشار: 2007

Heat shock protein 70 level of synovial fluid in rheumatoid arthritis versus osteoarthritis: a comparative study

Authers: Gharibdoost F., Samadi F., Taghipoor R., Akbarian M., Shahram F., Nadji A., Jamshidi A R, Davatchi F.

Abstract: Background: Heat-shock proteins are part of a strictly controlled biological system that allows organisms to respond to environmental stresses. Different proinflammatory cytokines are present in the synovial tissue of rheumatoid arthritis patients. Such tissues respond to stress and induce heat-shock proteins. In addition, synovial cells are exposed to mechanical stress caused by joint motion. The effects of mechanical stress on the metabolism of the synovial cells may be substantial, even pathogenic. Heat-shock proteins are often implicated ... سال انتشار: 2007


Authers: A. R. Rostamian*, , A. H. Naji, , F. Gharibdoost, , A. Khalvat, L., Jafari-Saraf, K. Saeedfar

Abstract: Abstract- Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common inflammatory joint disease with 1 percent prevalence in community which presents with symmetrical polyarthritis of hands with inflammatory behavior. Several studies in recent years were conducted for evaluation of inflammatory cytokines such as IL1-& (Interleukin 1&) and TNF- & (Tumor necrosis factor) in rheumatologic disorders including rheumatoid arthritis to find new treatment methods base to pathogenesis. In this study different serum levels of IL1-& and TNF- & in ... سال انتشار: 2007

Effects of intravenous Semelil (ANGIPARSTM) on diabetic foot ulcers healing: A multicenter clinical trial

Authers: Larijani B, Heshmat R, Bahrami A, Delshad H, 5Ranjbar Omrani G, Mohammad K, Heidarpour R, Mohajeri Tehrani MR, Kamali K, Farhadi M, Gharibdoust F, , Madani SH

Abstract: Some diabetic foot ulcers, which are notoriously difficult to cure, are one of the most common health problems in diabetic patients .There are several surgical and medical options which already have been introduced for treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, so some patient will require amputation. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of intravenous Semelil (ANGIPARSTM), a naive herbal extract to accelerate healing of diabetic foot ulcers. A multi-centric randomized controlled trial ... سال انتشار: 2008

Effect of ANGIPARS™, a new herbal drug on diabetic foot ulcer: A phase 2 clinical study

Authers: Masoompour SM, , 2Bagheri MH, , 3Borhani Haghighi A, , 4Novitsky YA, , Sadeghi B, Gharibdoust F, Larijani B, 1Ranjbar Omrani G

Abstract: Diabetes foot ulcers are a major predictor of future lower-extremity amputation in patients with diabetes. The animal studies have indicated that treatment with a new herbal extract named ANGIPARS™ improves healing of chronic ulcers. The main objective of the study was to evaluate the safety and healing rates of diabetic foot ulcers in patients treated with ANGIPARS™. Ten diabetic patients (7 males and 3 females) were eligible for enrollment in this single arm before-after clinical trial. ... سال انتشار: 2008

Clinical application of oral form of ANGIPARS™ and in combination with topical form as a new treatment for diabetic foot ulcers: A randomized clinical trial

Authers: 1Bahrami A, , 2Kamali K, , 1Ali-Asgharzadeh A, , 3Hosseini P, , Heshmat R, , Khorram Khorshid HR, , Gharibdoust F, , 6Madani SH, , 3Larijani B

Abstract: ANGIPARS™ is a new herbal extract which has been produced in oral, topical, and intravenous forms. The present article contains preliminary results of the study which was planned to evaluate the efficacy and safety of orally applied ANGIPARS™ and to compare it with the combination of oral and topical forms and also with conventional therapy in patients with diabetic ulcers of the lower extremities. Twenty one patients with diabetic foot ulcers were divided into 3 ... سال انتشار: 2008

Behcet’s disease: global perspective

Authers: F Davatchi

Abstract: Behcet’s disease (BD) is a vasculitis progressing by attacks and remissions. There are actually four nationwide surveys of BD; Iran (5059 patients), Japan (3316 patients), China (1996 patients), and Germany (590 patients). There are four major case series in the world, Turkey (2147 patients), Korea (1155 patients), Morocco (1034 patients), and UK (419 patients). Other series are based on less than 200 patients. Mucous membrane manifestations: Oral aphthosis is seen in 98% of patients ... سال انتشار: 2007

Prevalence of Behcet’s disease in Iran: a WHO-ILAR COPCORD stage I study

Authers: Fereydoun DAVATCHI،Ahmad-Reza JAMSHIDI،Arash Tehrani BANIHASHEMI،Jaleh GHOLAMI،Mohammed Hossein FOROUZANFAR،Maziar MORADI،Ma’ssoomeh AKHLAGHI،Ali-Reza KHABAZI،Amir-Hossein SALARI،Mansoor SALESSI،Mansoor KARIMIFAR،Kamal ESSALAT-MANESH،Bozorgmehr ARABZADEH،Behrang ALIPOUR،Farhad SHAHRAM

Abstract: Aim: To elucidate the prevalence of Behcet’s disease (BD) during the World Health Organization-International League of Associations for Rheumatology Community Oriented Program for Control of Rheumatic Disease study in Iran. The old estimate was 16 per 100,000 inhabitants, but this was just an estimation and a more precise figure was required. Materials and methods: Tehran, the capital of Iran with 1/10th of Iran’s population, was selected as the field for the COPCORD study. The population ... سال انتشار: 2007

Assessment of maximum tolerated dose of a new herbal drug, Semelil (ANGIPARSTM) in patients with diabetic foot ulcer: A Phase I clinical trial

Authers: Heshmat R, , 1Mohammad K, , 2Mohajeri Tehrani MR, 2Tabatabaie Malazy O, Keshtkar AA, Gharibdoust F, , 2Larijani B

Abstract: Background and the purpose of the study: In many cases of diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) management, wound healing is incomplete, and wound closure and epithelial junctional integrity are rarely achieved. Our aim was to evaluate the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) and dose-limiting toxicity (DLT) of Semelil (ANGIPARSTM), a new herbal compound for wound treatment in a Phase I clinical trial. Methods: In this open label study, six male diabetic patients with a mean age of ... سال انتشار: 2008

Prevalence and pattern of radiographic hand osteoarthritis and association with pain and disability (the Rotterdam study)

Authers: S Dahaghin, S M A Bierma-Zeinstra, A Z Ginai, H A P Pols, J M W Hazes, B W Koes

Abstract: Objective: To investigate the prevalence and pattern of radiographic osteoarthritis (ROA) of the hand joints and its association with self reported hand pain and disability. Methods: Baseline data on a population based study (age >55 years) were used (n = 3906). Hand ROA was defined as the presence of Kellgren–Lawrence grade >2 radiological changes in two of three groups of hand joints in each hand. The presence of hand pain during the previous month ... سال انتشار: 2005

Quality of Life in Women with Different Intensity of Low Back Pain

Authers: SS Tavafian, H Eftekhar, K Mohammad, AR Jamshidi, A Montazeri, D Shojaeezadeh, F Ghofranipour

Abstract: Abstract It is widely believed that pain has a profound effect on health related quality of life. This study was conducted to assess quality of life in patients suffering from different density of chronic low back pain. The sample consisted of 101 patients with chronic low back pain attending to the Rheumatology Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences between July and September 2003. All patients were female, married, aged 18 years or ... سال انتشار: 2005

Osteoporosis: epidemiology, clinical and para-clinical manifestations

Authers: Farhad Shahram M.D

Abstract: Osteoporosis, as the most common bone disease, is a growing public health problem throughout the world, in part because of the increasing numbers of people living beyond the age of 65 years. It is a major risk factor for fracture, which leads to considerable morbidity, mortality, and expense. Franco-Iranian Seminar on Rheumatology (The 4th Collaborative Medical Seminar), Tehran, Iran, May 2005. Osteoporosis, or porous bone, is a “disease characterized by low ... سال انتشار: 2005



Abstract: Background: Chondromalacia patella is the most common cause of mechanical knee pain in young women. Q angle and knee alignment are important clinical parameters for biomechanics of the patellofemoral joint. Objective: To identifY the prevalence of knee malalignment and to find out if there is a correlation between knee mal alignment and Q angle with age at onset of disease. Methods: All patients under 40 years old complaining of mechanical knee pain with positive shrug sign ... سال انتشار: 2005