Prospective study on Neuro-Behcet.

Abstract: Behcet Disease (BD) is known to involve nervous system. In order to evaluate the prevalence of neurological complications as early manifestations of BD, and to determine their value as indicators of the disease, we conducted a prospective study on 261 consecutive patients reffered to our BD clinic (100 control subjects and 161 BD patients), including a Questionaire about neurological symptoms, complete physical (neruological) examination, and paraclinicalstudies, No definite (significant) difference was noted between two groups, except higher prevalence of dizziness ( of an orthostatic nature), generalized hyperreflexia, and mild difficulty with tandem walking in BD patients; But these had no clear clinical correlation. It was concluded that BD is rarely presented by neurological manifestatione, and diagnosis of BD is not justified in a neurological patient without other diagnostic criteria of BD.