Pulse therapy with cyclophosphamide (PTCP) in ophthalmologic manifestations of Behcet's Disease (BD). Analysis of 67 patients.

Abstract: Ophthalmologic manifestations of BD, especially posterior uveitis and retinal vasculitis are resistant to most treatments, leading to sever loss of vision. Cytotoxic drugs, especially chlorambucil and cyclo­phosphamide (CP) are effective in some patients. In a preliminary report to the XI EULAR Congress of Rheumatology we demonstrated the efficacy of PTCP in these lesions. PTCP was performed by perfusion of 1 g. CP per square meter of body surface in 500 ml of normal saline. PTCP was repeated every months after a new evaluation of the patient. 102 patients are actually under this treatment. 67 of them had received 4 pulses or more (a total of 438 pulses). Statistical analysis was done by the Student paired t test. The mean visual acuity improved from 3.7 to 4.3 (t=3.213, p<0.005). The same improvement was observed with anterior uveitis (t=4.399, p<0.001),and with posterior uveitis (t=6.475, p<0.0005). Retinitis also improved (t=2.915, p<0.01). Side effects were minor. Full data will be discussed.