Presentation of psoriatic arthritis in the literature: a twenty-year bibliometric evaluation

Abstract: Psoriatic arthritis is an inflammatory arthritis disabling patients with psoriasis. Bibliometric studies are tools for evaluating scientific productions in different countries, universities as well as publications related to a special topic. We aimed to perform a scientometric study to evaluate articles published under ‘‘Psoriatic arthritis’’ topic and also attempted to compare publications of different authors, countries, universities, and journals related to this topic. Study was performed on all articles published between 1989 and 2009. The ISI web of science was our main source. Two key words, ‘‘Psoriatic arthritis’’ and ‘‘Psoriatic arthropathy,’’ were used to conduct search. Original articles were subject of further evaluation. A whole number of 3,727 article was result of our search. From this number, 1,961 (52.6 %) were original articles. Whole original articles were cited 38,613 times with average citations per item of 19.69. Gladman DD was the most popular author in this field. Articles were mostly in English (91.3 %). USA was the leading country in producing article under this topic with 463 (23.6 %) publications. University of Toronto was the first rank institution while publishing 125 (6.4 %) articles. More than half of articles were published under ‘‘Rheumatology’’ subject. ‘‘Journal of Rheumatology,’’ ‘‘Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases,’’ and ‘‘Arthritis and Rheumatism’’ were three journals with highest number of articles on this topic. There has been growing interest in psoriatic arthritis subject during these two decades. Between countries, institutions and journals; USA, university of Toronto, ‘‘Journal of Rheumatology,’’ ‘‘Annals of The Rheumatic Diseases,’’ and ‘‘Arthritis and Rheumatism’’ have special contributions to body of literature published under this topic, respectively. Keywords Psoriatic arthritis  Bibliometric