The diagnostic value of skin hyper reactivity in Behcet's Disease

Abstract: The skin hyper reactivity (SHR) as detected by the pathergy test is a common feature of Behcet's Disease (BD) in Middle East Countries and in Japan, but not in Western Countries. Yazici et al showed it's sensitivity and it's specificity. As the SHR in pathergy test is revealed by a pseudo follicu­litis, it may have the same significance as the spontaneous pseudo folliculitis (PF) of BD. Thus if a patient has the PF, the pathergy test would not bring any new information.The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the correlation (if any) between the SHR and PF in BD. 213 patients who had the pathergy test were selected for this study.167 patients (78%) had PF, among them 148 patients had a SHR while among the 46 patients without PF, the SHR was present in 33 of them. The difference is significative between the 2 groups as shown by the X2 test (0.01>p>0.001) .The difference looses it’s signification if other skin disorders than PF is considered. Thus SHR and PF may have the same significance. In conclusion the pathergy test may be useful for the diagnosis of BD if the patient do not present any PF. In the absence of any skin lesions it may be considered as a major criteria for the diagnostic as the presence of PF.