Difference in male and female Behcet's Disease.

Abstract: In 225 patients with definit Behcet's Disease I5 clinical and 5 paraclinical parameters (CBC,ESR, urinalysis,B5,Pathergy test) were statistically analyzed. The chi-square test (X2) was used for the analysis of difference and P values smaller than 0.05 were accepted as a significative difference between male and female patients. Ophthalmologic manifestations were more frequent in males (80%) than females (63%),X2=7.91,0.01> P> 0.001.The difference concern specially the uveitis (73% males,55% females,X2=7.65,0.01>P>0.001). In osteoarticular manifestations,monoarthritis is more frequent in males than females (11.5% versus 3.5%, X2=4 .42, 0.05>P>0.02) . In paraclinical parame­ters B5 is more frequent in males (68%) than females (55%),X2=4.27,0.05>P>0.02.The simultaneous presen­ce of B5 and uveitis is much more frequent in males (57%) than females (29%) ,X2 =16 .09, P< 0.001.There is a close correlation between B5 and uveitis in males (B5 and uveitis in 77 patients,B5 without uveitis in 18, uveitis without B5 in 22,absence of B5 and uveitis in 19 pateints,X2=10.85, P<0.001) but not in females (B5 and uveitis in 25, B5 without uveitis in 22, uveitis without B5 in 22, the absence of uveitis and B5 in 17 patients, X2=0.089,P>0.50).