Behcet's Disease: review of 100 cases. Report of juvenile, Familial, and unilateral forms.

Abstract: In this case study 100 patients with confirmed Behcet's disease have been in reviewed. The following manifestations were observed: buccal aphthous ulcerations 98 per cent, genital ulcerations 63 per cent, positive Behcetine test in 81 per cent, ocular involvement 80 per cent, positive HLA-B5 74 per cent, skin lesions 68 per cent, articular manifestations 63 per cent, digestive problems 21 per cent, thrombophlabitis­ of the extremities 17 per cent, neurologic signs 15 per cent. epididymitis 5 per cent. Among the 80 patients with ocular signs, uveitis was present in 93.75 per cent of cases, hypopyon in 12.5 percent. The poor ocular prognosis was mainly due to the necrotizing vasculitis of the lundus (11 patients) and atrophy of the optic nerve (13 patients), 53 of our cases presented oedema of the macula, 24 macular dystrophy. A unilateral ocular manifestation of the disease in an eight-year-old boy and four patients having familial forms of the disease has also been reported.