Levamisol in the treatment of Behcet's Disease

Abstract: 35 patients with the “complet form“ of Behcet’s disease, according to the criteria of Behcet’s Disease Research Committee of Japan were selected for study. The choice of complet forms make possible to have a more homogenous group of patients to evaluate the effect of levamisole on the major symptoms of the disease. The patients were treated with levamisole at least for 3 to 6 months, they had no cytotoxic drugs in the past 6 months, and no steroids in the course of the treatment. Good and fair results were noted in 51% of ophthalmologic manifestations, 57% of skin lesions, 63% of genital ulcerations, 71% of oral aphtosis, and 75% of articular involvements. Levamisole is not very effective in ophthalmologic manifestations, but has enough efficacy in other manifestations of the disease to be accepted as a valuable treatment and be tried before cytotoxic drugs.