Quality of Life in Women with Different Intensity of Low Back Pain

Abstract: Abstract It is widely believed that pain has a profound effect on health related quality of life. This study was conducted to assess quality of life in patients suffering from different density of chronic low back pain. The sample consisted of 101 patients with chronic low back pain attending to the Rheumatology Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences between July and September 2003. All patients were female, married, aged 18 years or over and underwent rheumatologic clinical examination. Data were collected by face-to-face interviews using the Iranian version of the Short Form Health Survey (SF-36). Relative to mean score of bodily pain, patients were divided into 2 groups: severe pain group (group 1) and mild pain group (group 2). Then, quality of life scores was compared between these two groups. Independent sample t-test was applied and the results showed that there were significant differences between quality of life scores among people with different intensity of low back pain in all dimensions but the role emotional and social functioning scales. The findings from this study confirm that quality of life in patients with low back pain depending on its intensity may vary. Keywords: Low back pain, Quality of life, SF-36 questionnaire, Iran