Treatment of Ocular Lesions of Behcet’s Disease.

Abstract: Purpose: Cytotoxic drugs are the main therapeutic agents. A comparative study of 8 different therapeutic methods in 1220 cases is presented here. Materials & Methods: In an open, non-randomized control study, Pulse Cyclophosphamide (PCP), low dose PCP (LDP), oral cyclophosphamide ( OCP), weakly methotrexate ( MTX), chlorambucil ( CHL), cyclosporine A ( CYA), azathioprine (AZA), and combination therapy with LDP and MTX (COM) were used. Mean Duration: Ocular manifestations in months. FU: Follow-up in months. TIAI: Total Inflammatory Activity Index. Imp/Stab: Improved or Stabilized. Conclusion: All treatment methods were efficient and did approximately the same, with no statistically significant difference between them.