The comparison of Clinical Manifestations between Scleroderma and overlap Syndrome (Polymyositis with Scleroderma).

Abstract: The objective of this study was to compare the clinical manifestations of scleroderma(Scl) and overlap syndrome(Scl/PM). Seventy four patients with thirty five months symptoms duration of scleroderma (sixty five women, nine men) and fifteen with thirty two months symptoms duration of overlap (nine women , six men) were studied over a period of 8 years. The mean age at the disease onset was 31.8 years in Scl and 31.6 years in Scl/PM. Fatigue was seen in 21 patients with Scl and 3 patients with Scl/PM (p=0.33). Arthritis we seen in 27 Scl and 8 Scl/PM (p=0.13). Arthralgia was seen in 24 Scl and 3 Scl/PM (p=0.52). Skin edema was seen in 10 Scl and 3 Scl/PM (p=0.29). Face sclerosis was seen in 73 Scl and 15 Scl/PM (p=0.07). Limb sclerosis was seen in 73 Scl and 15 Scl/PM (p=0.07). Trunk and chest sclerosis was seen in 17 Scl and one Scl/PM (p=0.28). Telangiectasia was seen in 26 Scl and 3 Scl/PM (p=0.40). Joint contracture was seen in 30 Scl and in 6 Scl/PM (p=0.80). Hyperpigmentation was seen in 38 Scl and in 5 Scl/PM (p=0.32). Motor dysphagia was seen in 25 Scl and in 9 Scl/PM (p=0.02). Respiratory presentations were seen in 30 Scl and in 6 Scl/PM (p=0.8). Raynaud's phenomenon was seen in 70 Scl and in 14 Scl/PM (p=0.67). Digital ulcers were seen in 50 Scl and in 2 SCl/PM (p=0.0003). Calcinosis was seen in 18 Scl and in 3 Scl/PM (p=0.98). Renal presentations were seen in 4 Scl and in none of Scl/PM (p=0.181). Cardiac manifestations were seen in 7 Scl and in 2 Scl/PM (p=0.36). We may conclude that Scl/PM was seen more commonly in men than Scl (p=0.002). Digital ulcers were seen more frequently in Scl than in Scl/PM (p=0.0003).